Classic Aussie Video of the Month

Dave Warner

“The Boy from Bicton” performing Suburban Boy, recorded in 1978

Dave’s first mainstream success struck a note with teenage boys throughout the Australian suburban landscape with it’s angst ridden lyrics and unique Australian take on the punk style of the day.

Dave honed his craft performing around Perth in the massive beer barns and rowdy Sunday Sessions of the 70’s, beginning with his first band Pus in the early 1970’s, years before the Saints or even the Sex Pistols would break onto the scene and proclaim themselves as Punk. Later in the decade he recruited respected local muso’s to form Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs, with whom this song is recorded.

His songs were unmistakably Aussie, with references to the footy, Western Australian localities and hilariously witty  mocking of imported trends and styles such as disco, white suits, and of course Rugby.

If you were around at the time, you can almost smell the sour, beer soaked coasters and overflowing ashtrays…..
Laminex rock at it’s ultimate best!

You can learn more about Dave Warner at his website: