Have you ever wanted to be a part of the broadcasting world?
Well, here’s your opportunity.
If you have an idea for a show, skills and knowledge to impart or if you would simply like to share your music and join the team, get in touch with us now!
We will train you in all aspects of radio broadcasting in a friendly, relaxed and supportive environment where you can learn new skills and develop talents at your own pace.
Although a radio studio may look daunting to those not familiar with mixing desks with all those twiddly knobs and buttons, it really is easy once you become familiar with a few basic controls.
In no time you could be hosting your very own show.

What are you waiting for?

In the immortal words of Dr. Frank N. Furter
“Don’t dream it… BE IT”

Call us on (08) 9758 0000, or simply use the contact form here on the website to get your start in radio  broadcasting.

Applicant forms
Volunteer form
Announcer application


Want to contribute to the running of Augusta Community Radio,
Membership is available from the Augusta Community Resource Centre:

Membership Rate: $20 per person


We also invite sponsors for the various programs and even donations no matter how small will help with the operation of the station. See the Sponsors page for more info

This is a great opportunity for the community to get behind this project. Everybody can get involved, as an announcer or a volunteer to help with the running of the station.


If you would like to become part of 2oceansFM, contact us by:
Email:   info@2oceansfm.com.au
Phone: 9758 0000