Presenter Application

Augusta Community Radio is a community radio station that aims to improve the quality of life of our listeners by social inclusiveness, increase volunteerism, leadership and to provide a communication network using radio as its medium.

The Management Committee appoints a programming committee to oversee the quality of broadcasting on the station, provide mentorship, feedback about programs and makes recommendations on the commissioning of new programs.

The committee calls for new programs on a quarterly basis and reviews the timetable of programs at the station annually. In considering program proposals the Program Committee will take into account the need of individuals or groups who are not adequately served by other media in our service area.

When applying for a program timeslot the applicant is encouraged to discuss their idea with the Station Manager and or the Program Manager. Consider if similar programs already exist and consider if the proposed program fits into the overall objectives of the station.

Presenting on radio is a significant undertaking. New presenters should be prepared to undertake training, dedicate time to on air presentation and preparation and to undertake an annual self-assessment and performance evaluation.

The announcer and co-announcers will abide by Augusta‚Äôs Community Radio Rules and regulations. These policies can be found under the “About Us” tab on the “Station Policies” page.

The applicant must be a member of the Augusta FM Radio – 2oceansFM and must sign a declaration of understanding and compliance with these guidelines and associated documents. It is advised that before completing your application that you become familiar with the above policies.

If a program is not required on date of submission it shall be held on a waiting list and prioritiesd according to future station requirements.

For programs with more than one presenter, one will be known as the presenter and the others will be known as the co-presenters. The presenter will liaise with the Station Manager.

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